I know I got excited with the title there but it is kinda true 😅. In this blog post, I will cover why your switch to GQL and Apollo Client 3 should make you walk away from Redux. I will also talk about my journey from Redux -> Apollo Client.

I have had my share of doubts so in the past couple of projects, I was really skeptical of using Apollo Client as a state management solution. I love ❤ Apollo and specifically the changes made in Apollo client 3 that changed my mind completely 😻

Why I like Redux and what it is good at 💙

Get started with Lambda functions

The best way to learn anything is to play with it on a project and build 👷🏼‍♀️ something. As I started learning about Lambda functions, I had this list of questions❓that kept coming to mind. To help you better understand Lambda functions, I’ve converted all of my questions, and their answers into a helpful blog post to get you started. Let’s dive in!

What are lambda functions 🤔 and why are they so popular 🌟?

Lambda functions replace the backend API’s 🤯 as you don’t need to have a separate backend repository, but store your lambda functions in the front end itself. They follow the “supply on-demand” model i.e. they will…

We need to make this world 🌎 a better place for everyone.

As a developer, I’ve noticed ever since starting out that a lot of us are intimidated by building accessible apps. The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) be that way. Accessibility is just like building 🏗 any other feature — and there needs to be greater awareness around this. 🤯

If you’ve incorporated accessibility into apps before or want to integrate accessibility for the first time, then this post is for you ⬅. I’m going to use both web 🕸 and mobile📱as an example.

Here are a few things ✨ to consider when incorporating…

Common React Native gotchas and concepts that will help you before and during development ✨

React Native lets you use the same knowledge base of React and you can do native mobile app development. It is a lot of fun 🐼

If you are a React developer and know some basics of native development i.e. iOS 🍎 or Android 🤖 then you will pick up React Native easily i.e. not a noob 🙈. Although, it is not 1 - 1 relational. When I initially learned React Native, I forgot how my native development skills will be easily transferable.

Here is a list of React Native info and gotchas you will encounter as a React Native…

What are PR’s, how to effectively create a PR, how to give feedback on PR’s and how to respond to feedback

What is a Pull Request (PR)?

It is a request for changing code in a repository. Once you make changes you need in your code, you submit a PR. Once submitted, interested parties will perform a code review and provide you with any feedback/changes needed.

Pull Requests are typically used by teams for shared collaboration and feature work or bug fixes. The idea is to make sure well written and bug-free code gets pushed to the repository. It is a way to develop high-quality code.

How to Create a Pull Request

Breakdown your story/feature

Before you start working on a story/feature, make a mental/written note on how you want to break it down into several…

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